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SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition Receives Common Criteria Certification

We’d like to announce the Common Criteria (CC) certification of SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (32 & 64 bit). SQL Server 2008 completed an IT security evaluation at the Basic Assurance Level (EAL1+) and was certified by BSI (Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationtechnik), the certifying agency of the German government. This certification is a third party verification of the extensive security of SQL Server 2008 and demonstrates Microsoft’s continued commitment to our customers’ security needs.

Such certifications are officially recognized by international agreement (the CCRA) by 25 countries that signed the agreement, including the United States and Japan. This certification is particularly significant in Japan where it makes SQL Server 2008 eligible for procurement tax discounts as a CC certified DBMS. The certification result is posted under ‘new certificates” at the BSI website: http://www.bsi.bund.de/zertifiz/zert/sigbestaet/aktuelle.htm.
SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Editions also received the following security third-party verifications:

·         SQL Server 2005 SP1 at EAL1  (32 bit Enterprise Edition)

·         SQL Server 2005 SP2 at EAL4+ and compliant w/NSA DBMS Protection Profile V1.1 (32 bit Enterprise Edition)

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