Oracle Prices Up Again; SQL Server 2008 Remains the Value Leader

Those of you following the market news last week probably noticed that Oracle announced a 40 percent price increase on management options for 11g. We’ve seen a lot of Oracle ads highlighting its #1 status. Turns out, Oracle is #1 in high cost, too. For those who missed it, this article explains Oracle’s new pricing: Oracle cranks up some prices 40%.

Microsoft has not raised prices on SQL Server 2008 – not on the core database, not on options. We are committed to providing an enterprise-class data management and business intelligence platform at the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers. SQL Server 2008 Enterprise is available to help you manage your data at around one-third the cost of a similar solution from Oracle. Find out how to add efficiencies for your organization using this value calculator:

We have always been committed to meeting the needs of our customers – despite economic challenges – organizations still need a secure, scalable, and reliable data management platform to support the most vital business applications. SQL Server 2008 includes a broad array of rich functionality to address key business needs, including business intelligence applications, server consolidation and compliance. We don’t charge extra for these features; they are included with SQL Server right out of the box. That’s value. That’s our commitment to customers. That’s why SQL Server remains the value leader.