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Day 2 at Collaborate 2010

Interesting conversations with more CIOs today as well as partners in the Oracle ecosystem. Roughly 40% of new JD Edwards installations are being deployed with SQL Server. Drivers of that decision are simplicity, lower TCO/higher productivity connectedness with the Microsoft Desktop. In general, customers say that our platform is a better fit for their needs.

A general question arising again and again is how SharePoint can be used more intensively. Numerous customers have made portal deployments around Siebel, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards but would like to take the integration deeper to include the Business Process Management Level.

Today Bryan McGutchan and Harv Sidhu from the Line of Business Global Practice team delivered our first breakout sessions on running SQL Server 2008 in mission-critical ERP environments as well as how to performance-tune Oracle Applications running on SQL Server 2008. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

At the booth we had a lot of good conversations and generated new interest for how to benefit from the Microsoft platform in an Oracle Application environment.