The Next Step in BI: Predicting the Future

With the confluence of easily accessible data sources and powerful and available business intelligence and predictive analytic tools, we’ve entered a new era where data itself has become the platform for new application development.  Taking advantage of real medical data made available on the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket by Practice Fusion, a useful and compelling application inside of Excel 2010 using Microsoft PowerPivot and Predixion Insight was stitched together in less than an hour.


The application dubbed “Prescription Finder” uses historical medical data to allow a physician to display the top 10 medications prescribed for any particular medical diagnosis or set of diagnoses through a simple and effective Excel-based user interface.  Going one step further, it allows the physician to explore possible contraindications by using predictive analytics to suggest related conditions that a patient may have so the physician can make the best choice for their patient.