Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance Announced @PASS Summit!

We’ve wrapped up getting SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse on Dell hardware and proud to announce the Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance that includes Dell PowerEdge R610 Servers and Dell PowerVault MD36xxF series high density storage.

The Dell Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance is a rack solution with a single control rack and one to four data racks. It’s racked and installed at the factory floor before being delivered to the data center. Roll it in and it will work. It offers built-in redundancy and high performance with low energy consumption. Each multi-processor server node is specifically designed to provide optimal performance with minimal physical space, power, and cooling requirements.

Data storage is provided by Dell PowerVault arrays. There are two serial attached SCSI (SAS) disk configurations:
•             12 x 1TB large form factor (LFF) nearline disks – 110TB per rack offering  performance at low cost
•             24 x 600GB small form factor (SFF) disks – 150TB per rack offering enhanced performance and capacity

The control node is networked to the compute nodes through redundant Dual Infiniband switches, and storage is accessed through Dual Fiberchannel switches – providing a high performance internal network solution that ensures enterprise-scale throughput with low latency.

We’re delighted to be able to announce Dell support. For more information please visit here.