Microsoft and Dell Release Mid-Market Data Warehouse Appliance

The world of data is changing with businesses facing an explosion in information volumes and the need to mine different data sources and data types. More than ever, organizations must collect and make use of this volume of data to analyze overall business strategy and make timely decisions to gain a competitive edge.

While large enterprises have traditionally addressed this challenge with enterprise data warehouse deployments, the majority of mid-market customers do not have a formal data warehouse. The complexities and cost of planning, designing, purchasing, installing, and tuning a data warehouse can take months to complete and has been too daunting for small to medium sized organizations. Imagine the possibilities of a complete production-ready data warehouse solution that has everything (software, hardware, services, and support) pre-installed, optimized and sold at the price point you can afford?

This is possible with the new Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance with SQL Server 2012 offering from Microsoft and Dell. Furthering the partnership that already brought Dell Enterprise Data Warehouse (Parallel Data Warehouse) and Dell SQL Server 2012 Fast Track offerings for customers’ medium to large enterprise warehouse deployments, Dell Quickstart was purposely built for small and medium-sized businesses. Quickstart delivers more power and capacity with a smaller footprint and with less friction for customers to get up and running at a lower cost.

Highlights include:

  • Hardware pre-built with the Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation platform
  • Software installed with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse Appliance Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition
  • Tuned for optimal performance using SQL Server 2012 Fast Track reference architecture design points
  • Dell Boomi cloud-based data integration service for on-premises and cloud-based data sources
  • Foundation services by Dell (training, set-up, assessments and quarterly health-checks)
  • Single point of contact for customer support provided by Dell
  • First edition will scale up to 5 TB
  • Aggressive pricing for Mid-Market customers

With the Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance, one price includes everything needed to quickly deploy and easily manage a data warehouse in a comprehensive and integrated solution. This appliance is an affordable all-inclusive package for mid-market and departmental customers who even with limited experience and resources can now afford a powerful data warehousing solution.