Denny Cherry Guest Post: Get Ready for PASS Summit 2012

Guest Blog Post by: Denny Cherry, MVP and Independent Consultant (

The SQL PASS Summit, being held in Seattle Washington this year, is the premier conference for SQL Server professionals.  Attending the SQL PASS conference is a bit of a different experience than attending other conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, Build, Connections, etc. The reason for this difference is that the SQL PASS conference is a purely community driven conference.  While companies like Microsoft, Idera, Red Gate and SQL Sentry sponsor the conference, the conference is put on my SQL Server Users for SQL Server Users. 

Going to a conference for the 1st time can be a pretty scary experience for a lot of people.  Convention centers are massive and handing your way around can be difficult the first or second time that you go to the convention center.  To help people find their way around the very large and confusing Seattle Convention Center I’m holding my second annual “SQL PASS 1st Timers Webcast” on October 17th, 2012 at 1pm Pacific Time (find your local time).    During this webcast I’ll be telling you a lot of what you’ll need to know about the Seattle Convention Center, how to get around town, how to get to the hotels from the airport, where to find places for dinner, how to find your way around the convention center, and much more.  If you’ve been to the PASS Summit in Seattle before I’d recommend watching anyway as there will be some new information for you.  Most importantly where breakfast and lunch will be served as the lunch hall is moving.

There is a quick and painless registration form then you’ll be given the information to log onto the webcast (this’ll also let me remind you about the webcast as we get closer to the webcast).  Be sure to get signed up for this very important webcast (there will hopefully be some announcements that you won’t want to miss as well).  If you can’t make it to the live webcast (which will have a Q&A at the end) the recording will be posted within a few days of the live webcast.

I’ll see you on the webcast and at the SQL PASS Summit,