Countdown to PASS Summit Series: A Look Back at Customers Using the New Features of SQL Server 2012

The countdown continues and we are another day closer to the SQL Server community event of the year, PASS Summit 2012 in Seattle, Washington! With just 5 days left until the official start of the Summit, we are continuing with our special celebratory blog series and “A Look Back at Customers Using the New Features of SQL Server 2012”.


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It is less than a year since we published the first case studies about customers using SQL Server 2012 – December 13th 2011 to be precise!   Since then, we have added over one hundred other stories highlighting the benefits that customers are realizing from using the latest version.

With so much choice, you might be struggling to find some of the very best stories that match your current project aims or features that you may be interested in.  To help you, we’ve put together three short videos ‘Customers Using The Fantastic 12 of 2012’ – split into three sections Mission Critical Confidence (Part 1),  Breakthrough Insight (Part 2) and Cloud on your Terms (Part 3).


Customers Using the Fantastic 12 of 2012 (Part 1 of 3)

Part 1 looks at customers that have taken advantage of new features such as AlwaysOn to meet industry requirements for high availability, or who are benefitting from significant performance gains from using, including those using the new in-memory xVelocity technologies.


Part 2 highlights customers that that have unlocked new insights with pervasive data discovery across the organization, while providing tools for IT to provide credible, consistent data.  This also covers Big Data analytics and large scale data warehouse customers.


Finally, Part 3 shows customer that are realizing the benefits of innovative Hybrid IT environments.  It includes examples of customer dynamically scaling solutions up and back down on the Windows Azure Platform. These solutions can be built rapidly, with optimized productivity by using a common set of development and management tools.

Check out the videos today, and if you then want to read more, the case studies can be found at