Now Available: HDP for Windows from Hortonworks

Today Hortonworks announced the general availability of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for Windows, the industry’s first 100 percent Open Source Apache Hadoop-based distribution for Windows. The beta version of HDP for Windows was released two months ago at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara Hortonworks and was well received by industry press.

Hortonworks_Data_Platform_for_WindowsThis is a very exciting release as it marks an important milestone in our partnership with Hortonworks and our overall big data approach. We are deeply invested in ensuring customers have choice and interoperability when building and running Hadoop-based solutions — HDP for Windows is a direct result of the joint engineering partnership between our two companies and today’s release helps to accelerate the adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise by diversifying the number of platforms that it can run on. With HDP for Windows customers can deploy Hadoop today on Windows Server in their own data centers.

HDP for Windows offers customers a 100 percent Open Source Apache Hadoop distribution that is Enterprise-ready and interoperable across Linux, Windows Server and Windows Azure. For more details visit the Hortonworks website.

In addition, HDP for Windows offers easy migration to HDInsight: Customers can migrate seamlessly from HDP for Windows to Windows Azure HDInsight Service to take advantage of the elasticity and low cost of Hadoop in the cloud.

Visit the Windows Azure website for more information on Windows Azure HDInsight Service.