Self-Service BI with the Microsoft Data Explorer Preview for Excel 2013: 5 Reasons to Get Started Right Away

Using a variety of data sources has been a daunting task for mere mortals.  Now, with the Data Explorer add-in for Excel, you don’t need to be a super hero to unlock data gems.  The Microsoft Data Explorer Preview for Excel is now available for download.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to investigate this new add-in:

  1. Discover the World’s Data
  2. Connect to a wide variety of Data Sources
  3. Combine data from multiple data sources
  4. Reshape and transform your data effortlessly
  5. Refresh your data anytime

Sound interesting?  Head on over to the Microsoft Business Intelligence blog post, “5 Things You Need to Know about Microsoft Data Explorer Preview for Excel” for more details and become a super hero in your organization!