Get to Know the SQL Server that’s Purpose Built for High Performance Data Warehousing and Big Data Analytics – the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Appliance

If your business relies on data, you know that it is a constant challenge to store, manage, and analyze it effectively as your data continues to grow. It’s also expensive to keep enough data on “hot” storage where it is readily available for analysis. Even when you have the data you need on hot storage, it can take hours or even days to run analysis and reports on today’s symmetric multi-processing (SMP) systems. To add more to the challenges, businesses today are struggling to figure out how to add the value of non-relational Hadoop data into their analysis.

As a result, business analysts are held back from making faster and more accurate data-driven business decisions that are needed to compete in today’s marketplace. This is the modern data challenge and one that some of our SQL Server customers are facing today. But help is here for those of you who know and love SQL Server (or even for those of you who don’t).

Get to know the SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), Microsoft’s next generation platform for data warehousing and Big Data integration. With PDW’s massively parallel processing (MPP) design, queries commonly complete 50 times faster than traditional data warehouses built on symmetric multi-processing (SMP) database management systems. 50 times faster means that queries complete in minutes instead of hours, or seconds instead of minutes. With this breakthrough performance, your business analysts can generate more extensive results faster, and can easily perform ad-hoc queries or drill down into the details. As a result, your business can make better decisions, faster.

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