The Modern Data Warehouse

In recent surveys by TDWI Research, roughly half of respondents report that they will replace their primary data warehouse (DW) platform and/or analytic tools within three years. Ripping out and replacing a DW or analytics platform is expensive for IT budgets and intrusive for business users. This raises the question: What circumstances would lead so many people down such a dramatic path?

It’s because many organizations need a more modern DW platform to address a number of new and future business and technology requirements. Most of the new requirements relate to big data and advanced analytics, so the data warehouse of the future must support these in multiple ways. Hence, a leading goal of the modern data warehouse is to enable more and bigger data management solutions and analytic applications, which in turn helps the organization automate more business processes, operate closer to real time, and through analytics learn valuable new facts about business operations, customers, products, and so on.

For organizations that need a modern data warehouse that satisfies new and future requirements, TDWI offers a checklist of our top six recommendations. These can guide your selection of vendor products and your solution design.

Users facing new and future requirements for big data, analytics, and real-time operation need to start planning today for the data warehouse of the future. To help them prepare, this TDWI Checklist Report drills into each of the six recommendations, listing and discussing many of the new vendor product types, functionality, and user best practices that will be common in the near future, plus the business case and technology strengths of each.

This checklist was sponsored by Microsoft.

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*This post excerpted from the TDWI Checklist Report, November 2013