Real-time predictive analytics in the cloud

Predictive analytics has greatly empowered organizations across industries. One of the key benefits of predictive analytics centers on the ability to shorten decision cycle times, which enables organizations to improve risk management, customer responsiveness, marketing, and supply chain. This is not a small feat given that the ever growing stream of data can be daunting, but when data is effectively captured and analyzed, organizations can gain a distinct and game-changing advantage.

How are financial services, life sciences, retail, technology, and manufacturing organizations increasingly perfecting the art and science of insights generation at scale from event streams and real-time data? Find out by attending our upcoming webinar: Real-time predictive analytics in the cloud.

During our live webinar Krishna R, Regional Head, Mu Sigma, and guest speakers Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. and Roger Barga, Group Program Manager, Microsoft will shed light on the rapid, seamless and cost-effective deployment of real-time predictive analytics on the cloud.