2014 winners: 24 Hours of PASS

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the contest #pass24hop Challenge!  As always, we had a great time listening to such passionate community speakers.

Congratulations to all the winners!  You will be notified via a Direct Message (DM) with details on how to redeem your free Microsoft Certification Exam.

So without further ado, the winners are……

Session #1

Taiob Alia @SQLTaiob correctly answered the question: “What did N.U.S.E stand for?” posed by Brent Ozar who conducted the “Who Needs a DBA??”

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7273

Session #2

John Fewer @johnfewer correctly answered the question: “What is the default buffer size for SSIS pipelines?” posed by Brian Knight who conducted the “Performance Tuning SQL Server Integration Services”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7292

Session #3

Yang Shuai @shuaiyang correctly answered the question: “If it was required, what is the type of witness for quorum that would be used if using standalone instances of SQL Server in an availability group?” posed by Allan Hirt who conducted the “Availability Groups vs Failover Cluster Instances: What’s the Difference?

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7275

Session #4

Mike Cornell @DataMic correctly answered the question: “In the UPDATE demo, what city does John Smith move to?” posed by Kalen Delaney who conducted the “In-Memory OLTP Internals: How is a 30x Performance Boost Possible?”

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7276

Session #5

John Ludvig Brattas @intolerance correctly answered the question: “How many relationships can you define between two tables in Tabular?” posed by Marco Russo who conducted the “Create your first SSAS Tabular Model”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7277

Session #6

Sergio Pacheco @Sergmis correctly answered the question: “Using XE, how can you determine the number of times a query was executed during a specific timeframe?” posed by Erin Stellato and Jonathan Kehayias who conducted the “Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Extended Events”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7278

Session #7

The listeners were stumped on the question: “Who are the complainer hotel guests from the demo? What show are they from?” posed by Hope Foley who conducted the “Spatial Data: Looking Outside the Map”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7295

Session #8

The listeners were stumped on the question: “Without stats, what will the row estimation be for an equality predicate?” posed by Gail Shaw who conducted the “Guessing Games: Statistics, Heuristics, and Row Estimations”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7279

Session #9

@fja correctly answered the question: “What is the name of the executable that ships with SQL Server that can be used to collect diagnostic information?” posed by Tim Chapman and Denzil Ribeiro who conducted the “Troubleshoot Customer Performance Problems Like a Microsoft Engineer”

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7293

Session #10

Andrea Allred @RoyalSQL correctly answered the question: “What technology should you think about when you get a requirement to encrypt data on the fly?” posed by Argenis Fernandez who conducted the “Secure Your SQL Server Instance without Changing Any Code”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7280

Session #11

Theresa Iserman @Theresalserman correctly answered the question: “What are the 4 C’s of Hiring?”  posed by Joe Webb who conducted the “Hiring the Right People: Interviewing and Selecting the Right Team”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7294

Session #12

Andy Pho @andycsuf correctly answered the question:  “Why does Chris (@SQLShaw) recommend database mirroring as his primary technology choice to upgrade SQL Server?” posed by Chris Shaw and John Morehouse who conducted the “Real World SQL 2014 Migration Path Decisions”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7291

Session #13

Stephen Radford @stephen_radford correctly answered the question: “What are the first two cmdlets you should learn, when learning PowerShell?” posed by Robert Cain, Bradley Ball and Jason Strate who conducted the ” Zero to Hero with PowerShell and SQL Server”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7281

Session #14

Mark Holmes @SQLJuJu correctly answered the question: “Which Excel data mining add-in offers functionality for the entire data mining lifecycle?” posed by Peter Myers who conducted the “Past to Future: Self-service Forecasting with Microsoft BI”

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7283

Session #15

P K Towett @pthepebble correctly answered the question: “SQL Server 2014 adds one piece of functionality to statistics maintenance, what is it?” posed by Grant Fritchey who conducted the “Query Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2014”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7284

Session #16

Allen Smith @cognitivebi correctly answered the question: “What is your first mission when trying to determine if indexes help or hurt you?” posed by Jes Borland who conducted the “Are your Indexes Hurting you or Helping You?”

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7296

Session #17

Andre Ranieri @sqlinseattle correctly answered the question: “What behavior is sometimes called ‘the king of irreplaceable behaviors’?” posed by Kevin Kline who conducted the “Techniques to Fireproof Your IT Career”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7285

Session #18

Ginger Grant @DesertisleSQL correctly answered the question: “In what part of a predictive analytics project to people typically spend 60-80% of their time?” posed by Carlos Bossy who conducted the “Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7286

Session #19

The listeners were stumped on the question: correctly answered the question: “What WSMan feature do you need to set up on your client system to remote to Azure VMs?” posed by Allen White who conducted the “Manage Both On-Prem and Azure Databases with PowerShell?”

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7287

Session #20

@wBob_uk correctly answered the question: “What is the name of the base theme used in the Adventure Works Power View demo today?” posed by Julie Koesmarno who conducted the “I Want It NOW!” Data Visualization with Power View”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7290

Session #21

Conan Farrell @SQL_Dub correctly answered the question: “What is the “mantra” for engineering a DWH solution?” posed by Davide Mauri who conducted the “Agile Data Warehousing: Start to Finish”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7289

Session #22

Nicky @ ADA @NickyvV correctly answered the question: “Which DAX function lets you access columns in other tables?” posed by Alberto Ferrari who conducted the “DAX Formulas in action”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7274

Session #23

Regis Baccaro @regbac correctly answered the question: “What R package do you need to use to connect R and PowerBI?” posed by Jen Stirrup who conducted the “Business Intelligence Toolkit Overview: Microsoft Power BI & R”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7288

Session #24

Anil Maharjan @Anil_Maharjan correctly answered the question: “Can the SSRS databases be clustered?” posed by Ryan Adams who conducted the “SQL Server AlwaysOn Quickstart”.

Webcast Link: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2014/summitpreview/Sessions/SessionDetails.aspx?sid=7282


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