Microsoft announces real-time analytics in Hadoop and new ML capabilities in Marketplace

This morning at Strata + Hadoop World, Microsoft announced the preview of Apache Storm clusters inside HDInsight as well as new machine learning capabilities in the Azure Marketplace.

Apache Storm is an open source project in the Hadoop ecosystem which gives users access to an event-processing analytics platform that can reliably process millions of events. Now, users of Hadoop can gain insights to events as they happen in real-time.  Learn more from here:

As part of Strata, Microsoft partner, Hortonworks announced the next version of their Hadoop distribution HDP 2.2 will include capabilities to orchestrate data from on-premise to Azure.  This will allow customers to back-up their on-premise data or elastically scale out using the power of the cloud.

Finally, Microsoft is offering new machine learning capabilities as part of the Azure Marketplace.  Customers can now access ML as web services which enable scenarios like doing anomaly detection, running a recommendation engine, doing fraud detection, and a set of R packages.

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