Watch the PASS Keynote Video: “Accelerating Your Business with a Modern Data Strategy”

The annual PASS Summit provides an opportunity for the SQL Server community to meet, share expertise, and gain firsthand insights into advances in the Microsoft data platform technology directly from Microsoft executives. The fall 2015 PASS Summit gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the upcoming release of SQL Server 2016 when Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Data Group, delivered the Day 1 keynote, “SQL Server 2016: Accelerating Your Business with a Modern Data Strategy.”

Now you can watch that keynote and find out about SQL Server 2016 and its unmatched innovation across on-premises and the cloud to help you turn data into intelligent action. Some of the exciting announcements that Sirosh discloses include the availability of SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview (CTP) 3.0 (download the preview) and the innovations it offers. Sirosh provides fascinating insights achieved with advanced data analytics and explains how SQL Server and Cortana Analytics Suite can bring actionable big data and operational knowledge to every organization. With examples from SQL Server customer organizations, Sirosh demonstrates how companies can benefit from new technologies such as Always Encrypted security, In-Memory OLTP and Operational Analytics, as well as new hybrid capabilities with Stretch Database.

Watch the video today and find out how you get all the built-in advantages of industry-leading mission-critical OLTP, unparalleled security, the highest performing data warehouse, end-to-end mobile BI on any device, and in-database advanced analytics with SQL Server 2016.

Share the excitement of the PASS community even if you weren’t able to attend the Summit. You’ll get the inside scoop on this new release that’s packed with innovation and valuable new capabilities—and it’s all built in. Get started now and accelerate your business with SQL Server 2016 and a modern data strategy.