SQL Server + Python — What’s new

Python is one of the most popular and fastest-growing languages used today. Pyodbc (Python-SQL Server Connector) is an open source Python module maintained by Michael Kleehammer that uses ODBC Drivers to connect to SQL Server. It allows you to connect from the platform of your choice to SQL Server on-premises and in the cloud. Pyodbc is also cross platform and can be installed using pip.

We recently announced SQL Server v.Next CTP1 on Linux and Windows, which brings the power of SQL Server to both Windows and — for the first time ever — Linux. You can now connect your applications to SQL Server running on Linux, Windows and macOS (with Docker).

For our Python developers, we have a few updates that will improve Python connectivity with SQL Server. Pyodbc is now:

  • Officially supported: You can contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) via phone, email, Twitter, forums, etc., to report and get help with any issue.
  • Available in Jupyter Notebooks for SQL Server: The Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations and visualizations. Pyodbc and its dependencies ship out of the box with Juypter notebooks on Azure. To get started, go to notebooks.azure.com and create a new Python 2 notebook. Check out the code sample and paste it in your notebook’s interactive prompt to get started.
  • Compatible with Python 3.5 and Django 1.10 through Django-pyodbc-azure.

Get started today

  • Try the new getting started tutorials that show you how to:
    • Install SQL Server on Linux or Windows or run on Docker in multiple platforms.
    • Create a simple app using C#, Java, Node.js, PHP and Python with SQL Server.
    • Create a simple app using popular web frameworks like Django with SQL Server.
    • Try out some cool SQL Server features that can make your apps shine.
  • Get the latest v17.0 RC1 versions of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).
  • Get the mssql extension for Visual Studio Code and develop apps with SQL Server on Linux/macOS/Windows.

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