SQL Server next version CTP 1.2 now available

As part of our rapid preview model, Microsoft is excited to announce that the next version of SQL Server (SQL Server v.Next) Community Technology Preview (CTP) 1.2 is now available on both Windows and Linux. In CTP 1.2 we implemented bug fixes and added support for SQL Server v.Next on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. You can try the preview in your development and test environments now, or apply to join the SQL Server Early Adoption Program to get support for implementing SQL Server v.Next in production.

Key CTP 1.2 enhancement: Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise

In SQL Server v.Next, a key design principle has been to provide customers with choice about how to develop and deploy SQL Server applications: using technologies they love like Java, .NET, PHP, Python, R and Node.js, all on the platform of their choosing. Now in CTP 1.2, Microsoft is bringing the power of SQL Server to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, providing more deployment options and a streamlined acquisition process.

Said Kristin Kinan, Global Alliance Director, Public Cloud at SUSE, “We’re thrilled that Microsoft is announcing support for SQL Server v.Next on SUSE Linux Enterprise Linux. SQL Server and SUSE customers will now be able to run performant, secured SQL Server applications with reliable, cost-effective infrastructure from SUSE.”

You can get started with SQL Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12 SP2 using the installation directions. To learn more about how SQL Server runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and container platforms, you can register for this upcoming webinar that will take place on February 15, 2017. For additional detail on CTP 1.2, please visit What’s New in SQL Server v.Next, Release Notes and Linux documentation.

SQL Server Early Adoption Program (EAP)

Today we also announced the SQL Server v.Next Early Adoption Program (EAP). The Early Adoption Program is designed to help customers and partners evaluate new features in SQL Server v.Next, and to build and deploy applications for SQL Server v.Next on Windows and Linux. Qualified applicants will receive technical assistance from Microsoft engineers to deploy and support an application in production before general availability, or to build or modernize an application for SQL Server v.Next. Read the detailed blog on EAP to learn more about all the benefits of this program and how to get started.

Get SQL Server v.Next CTP 1.2 today!

Try the preview of the next release of SQL Server today! Get started with the preview of SQL Server with our developer tutorials that show you how to install and use SQL Server v.Next on macOS, Docker, Windows, and Linux and quickly build an app in a programming language of your choice.

Have questions? Join the discussion of SQL Server v.Next at MSDN. If you run into an issue or would like to make a suggestion, you can let us know through Connect. We look forward to hearing from you!