Celebrating 1M installations milestone for mssql extension for VS Code with another update

We are excited to announce that a new update for the mssql extension for VS Code is now available on the VS Code Marketplace.

Use the mssql extension to turn VS Code into a powerful editor of T-SQL development, which supports SQL Server running on-prem, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Download the latest update from the VS Code Marketplace.

1M installations milestone

Thanks to your help, the mssql extension has hit an awesome milestone of 1 million+ downloads in less than a year since general availability announcement on May 1, 2017. Since GA, more and more VS Code users have downloaded the mssql extension through the recommended extensions experience as they write out T-SQL queries.

As our user base grows, we will continue to send updates from the high priority issues determined by the community. To make this meaningful for the community, we need your help to report and upvote your high priority features and issues on our Github Issues page. Over the past year, the SQL Tools team has prioritized bringing our new tools open source, and using the Github Issues page to help drive priority has become common practice. Check out SQL Operations Studio and mssql-cli Issues page to see this practice in action.

Thank you again for using this tool and providing us feedback. We know how much the developer community loves VS Code, and we will make sure you continue to have an awesome T-SQL editing experience with our future updates.

Release notes

  • Fixed issue #1036 where copy/pasting Unicode text can fail on Mac depending on the active locale environment variable
  • Fixed issue #1066 RAND() function using GO N produces the same result
  • Syntax highlighting more closely matches SSMS for local variables, global system variables, unicode string literals, bracketed identifiers, and built in functions
  • Show all error messages instead of just the first one when query execution results in multiple errors

Contributions and “thank you”

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute features or localization of the tool:

  • @rhires for updating and editing the Kerberos help documentation
  • @zackschuster for cleaning up the VS Code API wrapper to remove a deprecated function call
  • We would like to thank everyone who contributed to localization for this update and encourage more people to join our open source community localization effort.

For more information, check out the full release notes here: Release Notes

Get started

Eric Kang demoing mssql extension for VS Code

Contact us

If you have any feature requests or would like to report any issues, please open an issue on our Github Issues page. For any other updates, please follow us on Twitter @sqldatatools.