Join us at SQL Bits 2019 February 27-March 2 in Manchester, UK!

Data never rests, nor does the data platform. It keeps evolving as more organizations turn to data driven insights to stay ahead and prepare for the future.

Be a part of the largest SQL Server professional gathering in Europe at SQL Bits 2019. At SQL Bits, you have the unique opportunity to meet with community leaders sharing their real world experience and Microsoft product teams providing deep insights into Microsoft data solutions.

For those attending this year, we’ve put together a quick guide below on some of the Data and AI sessions you can look forward to. Can’t wait until SQL Bits? Check out the conference sessions to get a taste of what you won’t want to miss at SQL Bits 2019.

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Friday, March 1

Data Never Rests

Speaker: Buck Woody and Bob Ward

In today’s world, the growth of data is ushering in an era of rapid innovation. Microsoft’s goal is to bring the best hybrid data platform to help data professionals in building a data infrastructure that supports their organization now and into the future.  Join Buck Woody, Bob Ward, Anna Thomas, Alain Dormehl, and Adam Saxton as they demonstrate the latest advances from Microsoft across SQL Server, Azure Data Services, Business Analytics, and AI.

Pre-conference activities (training days)

Wednesday, February 27

Modernize your database with SQL Server 2019

Speaker: Bob Ward

Earlier in September, we announced SQL Server 2019 preview, the first release of SQL Server to create a unified data platform by packaging Apache SparkTM and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) together with SQL Server as a single, integrated solution. In this session, come join us for a deep dive into SQL Server 2019.

Building a modern database architecture with Azure

Speaker: Jes Borland

This session will review the key foundations of Azure and introduce various Azure database options like SQL Server MI, Azure SQL DB, Cosmos DB, etc.

Thursday, February 28

Microsoft SQL Server Big Data Clusters architecture

Speaker: Buck Woody

This session is a  deep dive into the concepts of big data analytics and data virtualization in SQL Server 2019. You will also learn about the architecture to enable machine learning to train your models within SQL Server 2019.

Data science from scratch with Azure Machine Learning

Speaker: Mithun Prasad

This will be a crash course to create data science solutions and apply machine learning algorithms to real world scenarios.

SELECT * FROM Azure Cosmos DB

Speaker: Theo van Kraay

This pre-conference session will provide in-depth training on Azure Cosmos DB. At the end of the training, you will be equipped to build your applications on Cosmos DB.

Deep dive into Azure Data Factory with SSIS

Speaker: Sandy Winarko

This session will focus on modernizing your extract, transform, and load (ETL) workloads with a deeper integration of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in Azure Data Factory (ADF).

Highlighted sessions during the conference March 1st and 2nd

Inside SQL Server 2019

Speakers: Bob Ward, Buck Woody, Anna Thomas

Come learn all the new capabilities of SQL Server 2019 directly from the Microsoft engineering team.

What’s New – Query Performance Insights

Speaker: Pedro Lopes

Come and be a rockstar at troubleshooting query performance with all the latest innovations in intelligent query processing.

Hyperscale for Azure SQL DB   

Speaker: Kevin Farlee

In this session you’ll learn how the Hyperscale service tier in Azure SQL DB removes many of the practical limits traditionally seen in cloud.

A dive into the architecture that is Azure SQL DW Gen2. How does it work?

Speaker: Philip Beaumont, Neil Millington

Come learn how you can turbocharge your query performance and concurrency with a fully managed cloud data warehouse.

Getting intimate with the Power BI desktop

Speaker: Patrick LeBlanc, Adam Saxton

Join us in this session, where we will dive deep into the Power BI desktop.

Enterprise BI with Power BI Premium and SSAS

Speaker: Christian Wade

Join the two-part series to learn about the new features landing in SQL Server Analysis services and also learn how to use Power BI premium to create semantic models.

There are over 44 sessions from Microsoft data platform speakers, and we invite you to come hear from Microsoft and community experts at SQL Bits 2019.