DBAs: It’s time to get up to speed with Azure

The summer solstice has passed, and DBAs are still asking how to get up to speed with Azure. I’m even speaking at events on how to take advantage of Azure to do migrations to the cloud! Many I’ve spoken to are wondering what skills they need to add to their already impressive arsenal of technology. Some are hoping what they learn from videos and blog posts will be enough. Others are wondering if there are any existing skills that are of value while so many tell them that the role of the Database Administrator is part of the past and not the future.

The truth is, there’s no need to leave all of your skills behind as you embark on your new Azure adventure. You just need to enhance the skills you already have with new and exciting ones. Much of our value around automation, understanding mission critical systems and development, and optimization is just as needed in the new world of the cloud as it was in the world of on-premises data centers. Those Powershell and other scripting skills can make you an asset when it comes to performing tasks and deploying fast into the cloud.

To help you on your way to mastering the cloud, we’re offering a free eBook from Packt, Professional Azure SQL Administration, second edition, which will get you up to speed on the Azure cloud quicker than you ever could on your own. This eBook is chock full of all of the technical knowledge you’ll need, no matter if you are a novice or have been working in Azure extensively and just want a reference containing valuable tips and best practices.

One of the focuses I really appreciate in this edition is the fine detail on Azure security, which is a common hot topic for the business when it’s considering the cloud. The book also goes over all of those cool new features that are available first in the cloud, so you won’t have to wait to learn about data synchronization between Azure databases, machine learning in Azure Database, or sharing data from the sidelines.

There are over 500 pages in this eBook that will educate you on the service and pricing tiers in Azure, offer guidance on how to build out a successful migration project, and once you’ve migrated to Azure, how to get the most out of your cloud investment.