Save money and improve agility and scale by modernizing your SQL Server to Azure SQL

We’re all adapting to uncertain times. As employees shift to more remote ways of working and consumer behavior changes to meet the new normal, businesses are faced with a challenging choice: slow down operations to operate more cost-effectively, lean into new opportunities that may not have otherwise existed, or both. Either way, the ability to quickly adapt and scale to changing conditions can help businesses operate in today’s environment and emerge more agile and ready to serve their customers more effectively tomorrow.

Many businesses see digital transformation to the cloud as a path to developing this kind of agility. From a data perspective, if you’re currently running SQL Server on-premises and the operational and financial benefits of modernizing in the cloud are appealing to you, you have a variety of options to consider.  Whether you want to simply rehost your existing SQL Server workloads onto a virtual machine, modernize them on a fully-managed database service or accelerate modern cloud application development, Azure provides a range of options to help you operate more cost-effectively and agile.

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We’re pleased to introduce Azure SQL, a family of managed, secure, and intelligent SQL database services. Azure SQL services, comprised of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Azure SQL Database, are built upon the same SQL Server engine so you can migrate applications with ease and continue to use the tools, languages, and resources you’re familiar with. You can also conveniently configure and monitor these services from a single portal.

Read our announcement to learn more about how Azure SQL helps you operate more efficiently with innovative features that help you do more—and save money along the way.