Real-time data intelligence and security at the edge with Azure SQL Edge

Today we introduce the availability of Azure SQL Edge, a real-time data engine, optimized for IoT workloads and backed by the security and performance of the same engine that powers SQL Server and Azure SQL.

Azure SQL Edge is a small-footprint container that enables localized IoT solutions for edge servers, gateways, and devices by offering data streaming, storage, and analytics in connected or disconnected environments.

Built on the same code base as Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL, Azure SQL Edge provides the same industry-leading security, the same familiar developer experience, and the same tooling that many teams already know and trust—now extended to IoT deployments for real-time intelligence.

And best of all, Azure SQL Edge has simplified pricing that is right-sized for IoT deployments, available as low as $60 per year per device for a 3-year commitment or at $10 per month, per device subscription.

Data and compute are pushing closer to the edge

The explosion of the internet of things (IoT) has changed the way we collect and analyze data. As compute becomes more powerful in smaller form factors, edge devices such as sensors and cameras are being adopted across industries to digitally transform their operations.

Gartner estimates that by 2025, 75 percent of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge, up from less than 20 percent today.1 This technological shift towards edge gateways and devices puts data collection and compute together at the same location, reducing latency, and enabling real-time insight and impact whether on the manufacturing floor or on a remote wind farm.

A data engine built, optimized, and priced for IoT deployments

 Azure SQL Edge provides affordable solutions for even the most demanding edge architectures:

  • Time series, data streaming, and AI built-in. Stream, store, and analyze data while it is in motion or at rest. Real-time analytics and simultaneous event-processing whether online or off.
  • Your choice of platform. Run SQL on ARM 64 and x64 architectures. A small footprint under 500mb means you can deploy on IoT devices as small as a Raspberry Pi.
  • Develop once, deploy anywhere from edge to cloud. Consistent app development, security, and management from Azure SQL to SQL Server to the IoT edge.
  • Native integration with Azure products and services. Simplify and strengthen your cloud-to-edge architecture with native integration to Azure products and services such as Azure IoT Edge and Azure Stack Edge.
  • Simplified pricing for IoT. No upfront cost and subscriptions offers as low as $60 per year per device for a 3-year commitment.2 It’s as simple as that.

Azure SQL Edge meets the demands of IoT with the performance and security of SQL

“This is a game changer.”

For more than 57 years, Fugro has delivered projects in some of the most remote and challenging environments around the world. It uses the latest technology to provide comprehensive information about the world’s environment and structures to contribute to a safe and livable world. Its ocean fleet largely relied on on-premises servers to collect and analyze data, slowing down their time to insights.

“Traditionally, it took two weeks to prep each client’s monthly data, to verify the report, and for the client to receive it. Now we deliver the first draft of that report in eight minutes. This is a game changer, it massively simplifies everything we do.” – Richard Corless, Lead Cloud Architect, Fugro

Fugro now uses Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Azure SQL Edge to connect its vessels and onshore assets to boost efficiency and speed innovation

“The decision-maker, the worker, the line manager—everyone is able to make decisions earlier, quicker, and more accurately.”

A leading technology enterprise in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, ZEISS embarked on a digitization process with the goal of creating a connected smart factory that can execute intelligent, flexible manufacturing for optimal efficiency, precision, and accuracy.

“Collecting this data helps everyone at every level of the factory. The decision-maker, the worker, the line manager—everyone is able to make decisions earlier, quicker, and more accurately.”  – Jochen Scheuerer, Head of Connected Smart Factory, ZEISS

Achieving these smart production goals requires measurement and inspection technology, that can capture and analyze quality data at different sites with greater flexibility and speed. Azure SQL Edge was added to production lines for eyeglass lenses, mechanical parts, and spectroscopic solutions.

Azure SQL Edge is now available

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1 “Edge Computing Solutions for Industrial IoT.” July 2018, Gartner, “Top Strategic IoT Trends and Technologies Through 2023.” September 2018, Gartner

2 Restrictions apply. See for more information.