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Transform your startup with AI

AI is reshaping the future of startups, pushing the boundaries of innovation at an unprecedented pace.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub helps startups embrace the transformative power of AI by giving them free access to the latest generative AI models, including OpenAI GPT-4, plus one-on-one AI guidance.

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Investors go niche and early in AI startup deals

From Pitchbook and Microsoft for Startups: Discover key trends in the AI startup space including record financing, outlier deals, and opportunities at the cutting edge.

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at every stage

Whether you're a lean startup experimenting with AI or a robust team training your own models, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub offers AI resources for all skill levels—from beginner to expert.

Get up to $150K (USD) in credits to access OpenAI GPT-4 through Azure OpenAI Service

Develop powerful AI solutions with the security and compliance benefits of Azure at cloud scale with Azure OpenAI Service.

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Explore how we’re helping startups leverage the power of AI

Helping startups deliver AI responsibly

Azure AI provides the tools, services, and guidelines to help you use AI responsibly while also preserving data privacy, transparency, and trust.

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“A theme that is core to our responsible AI program and its evolution over time is the need to remain humble and learn constantly. Responsible AI is a journey, and it’s one that the entire company is on.”

Natasha Crampton
Chief Responsible AI Officer, Microsoft

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Guiding startups through the AI era

With Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, startups can easily access free, industry-leading AI resources from day one. Sign up in minutes, no funding required.

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