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    Spend the money: The average cost for a small business to recover from a security breach was $38,000.1 Make sure that cyber liability insurance is part of your business insurance package.

    You don’t have time to keep up with the latest methods hackers are using to steal your data. Hire an expert to help you develop a comprehensive security plan. Compared to the cost of being hacked, it’s a good investment. 
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    Secure your wireless network: Your Wi-Fi network should be secure and hidden. Set your wireless access point or router so it does not broadcast the network name.

    If you lease your router from your Internet Service Provider, ask them to help. If you own your router, change the default password. There are lots of sites that list default router passwords from almost every manufacturer. If hackers get control of your network, they could almost invisibly redirect traffic to a site that looks like yours but isn’t. Your customers might unknowingly put in their password or credit card information. Changing your router’s password is a quick and simple fix that could help head off a lot of heartache.
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    Backups are not optional: Losing your business information could be catastrophic. Turn on settings in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office apps to automatically back up your files to the cloud.

    Small business owners may think they’re not storing any valuable personal data, but a poll found that 68% store email addresses, 64% store phone numbers, and 54% store billing addresses.3 That’s very tasty data for hackers to get their hands on. For critical data, have weekly backups stored at a secure offsite facility. The Answer Desk at your local Microsoft Store can show you how to set up your backups to keep your data safe.  
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    Use secure passwords: Don’t use your phone number, address, zip code, or birthday. Instead, use a long combination of numbers and letters, upper and lower case, and symbols.

    If you’re asked security questions like your mother’s maiden name, don’t provide the expected answer, which could also be easily found. So instead of her actual maiden name, answer something completely different like “television” or “porkchop.” Just make sure it’s something you’ll remember.
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    Keep laptops and networking equipment physically secure: When your business is closed, putting your router in a locked closet is good. A locked cabinet inside a locked closet is even better.

    It’s important to keep your network router physically secure. You’re not the only one who knows it has a reset button. Once somebody has pushed that button and reset your password back to the factory default, you’ve handed them the keys to your network. 
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    Microsoft 365 Business has advanced security features: See how this integrated solution can help protect your small business.

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2Source: 2017

3Source: CSID Survey 2016