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Sharon Lee - US Partner Team Lead for Cloud Ready

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is the leading go-to-market licensing model for the Microsoft partner channel. We are currently seeing thousands of partners make the shift from Advisor and Open licensing models to CSP. Once partners are on CSP, the next challenge is to build a successful, profitable business as a cloud services focused partner.

Announcing the Cloud Ready program


The Cloud Ready program provides partners with a roadmap to develop, launch, and grow a cloud partner business on CSP in 100 days. This program builds on the Cloud Ready business consulting series that has coached over 800 partners to build cloud business plans and managed service offerings since April 2016.

The focus of Cloud Ready is on Microsoft’s CSP licensing model. The objective of Cloud Ready is to enable partners to develop fluency with CSP so that you can transact cloud services with increasing frequency and yield as an indirect reseller by partnering with indirect providers. You will learn how to provision cloud products on CSP, track your cloud revenue and consumption through your partner dashboard, structure unique cloud managed service offerings, sell your cloud offerings, and provide ongoing service, invoicing, and activations to your cloud customers.


The structure of this program consists of seven webinars aligned to milestones on a 100-day journey as well as independent learning assignments and bi-weekly coaching sessions.


We set three outcomes for every partner participating in the Cloud Ready program to achieve in 100 days:

  • Join CSP through the indirect model
  • Create a cloud managed service offering on CSP
  • Sell your cloud offering to five new cloud customers

Partners who join the program will get access to exclusive offers from other partners and will be a part of a growing and integrated community of over 1,000 Cloud Ready partners across the country.

Join us!

Join the Cloud Ready program by taking our assessment and signing up for our webcast series.

Webcast schedule

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Day 1: Assess your business

October 18, 2017


Day 5: Leverage the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program

October 23, 2017


Day 15: Build your Cloud business model

November 9, 2017


Day 30: Create your Cloud solution offers & incentives

November 16, 2017


Day 50: Market your Cloud offers

December 7, 2017


Day 70: Earn your Cloud competency December 19, 2017


Day 100: You are a Cloud Ready partner business!

January 26, 2017



Each of these webcast is aligned to a key milestone on your 100-day journey to become a Cloud Ready partner.

Date October 18, 2017
Title Day 1: Assess your partner business
Description On this webcast, we will focus on the core areas that make up a cloud partner business. We will also provide an overview of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. We will close with examples of cloud ready report cards from partners and share the steps they took to build a cloud practice.


  • Complete your cloud ready assessment
  • Act on the recommendations from your cloud ready report card
Date October 23, 2017
Title Day 5: Leverage the Cloud Solution Provider program
Description Take a deep dive into the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. We will review the key licensing scenarios, and show you how to purchase, provision, and track licenses through your Cloud Solution Provider dashboard.


  • Increase the size and frequency of your cloud transactions through the Cloud Solution Provider program
Date November 9, 2017
Title Day 15: Build your Cloud business model
Description A thriving and sustainable cloud partner practice starts with a solid cloud business model. We will review cloud partner business plans and identify ways you can generate recurring revenue on cloud products and services.


  • Build a cloud practice by using the Cloud Solution Provider program as your foundational licensing model
  • Identify several ways you can generate revenue through cloud services
Date November 16, 2017
Title Day 30: Create your Cloud solution offers and incentives
Description Learn to profile your potential cloud customers, create offers and incentives, and cloud proposals that you can take to market.


  • Craft your unique value proposition
  • Create compelling cloud offers and incentives that drive customer conversion
  • Identify potential cloud customers
Date December 7, 2017
Title Day 50: Market your cloud offers
Description Cloud customers find cloud service providers through digital channels. We will discuss how you can effectively and efficiently market your cloud offers through your website and Microsoft marketplaces. Learn how to leverage digital tools such as search engine optimization and email campaigns to generate leads.


  • Optimize your website and leverage digital campaigns to increase quality of leads and improve conversion rates
Date December 19, 2017
Title Day 60: Earn a cloud competency
Description Make earning cloud competency one of your 2018 New Year’s goals. On this webcast, we will discuss the value of being a Microsoft cloud competency partner, and how you can achieve a cloud competency.


  • Achieve a Microsoft Cloud competency in 30 days
Date January 26, 2018
Title Day 100: You are a Cloud Ready Partner Business!
Description On this webcast, we will invite partners who have followed the 100 day cloud methodology and built a cloud ready partner business to join us and share their success stories.