Published Jun 30, 2011|Updated Sep 15, 2017


Alert level: Severe Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: Win32/Kryptik (ESET) Sefnit (McAfee) W32/Vundo (Norman) Win32.Genome (Kaspersky) Trojan.Alyak (Rising AV) Trojan.Click (Dr.Web) TROJ_TRACUR (Trend Micro)

Windows Defender detects and removes this threat.

Win32/Tracur is a family of trojans that can redirect your web searches. They do this to earn revenue for the malware authors via online advertisement fraud. The trojans hijack search result links from the following search engines, and redirect you to a different webpage:

  • Alltheweb
  • Altavista
  • AOL
  • Ask
  • Bing
  • Gigablast
  • Google
  • Hotbot
  • Lycos
  • Netscape
  • Snap
  • Yahoo
  • Youtube

Win32/Tracur can also download and run files, including other malware, and give a hacker control of your PC.

These threats can be installed on your PC by other malware, or when you click on a suspicious link or email attachment.


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