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Gimme some Sugar

CNET reported that we’re working with SugarCRM on interop between Sugar Suite 4.5 and Microsoft’s MIIS, Active Directory and SQL Server. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The agreement is designed to bolster the interoperability between Microsoft Windows Server products and SugarCRM open-source software. The cooperation highlights the pragmatic spirit that has infused some in the open-source movement to move beyond the culture of fervent philosophical objection to proprietary software makers like Microsoft.

“Over 35 percent of our customers run Microsoft Windows Server,” said SugarCRM CEO John Roberts, noting a number of his customers have been asking the open-source company to develop a closer relationship with Microsoft.

SugarCRM, which has seen 1 million downloads of its open-source software and boasts 450 paying customers for its Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise products, plans to release its Sugar Suite 4.5 version under the Microsoft Community License this summer, Roberts said.

As eWeek’s more in-depth article points out, this is the second of such open source interop deals for Windows Server. Back in September we announced interop work with JBoss.

Patrick O’Rourke