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HPC Finds a Home on Port25

Port25, which is a blog for Microsoft’s open source software lab, is casting an eye toward high-performance computing. They’ve tapped the talents and experiences of Frank Chism, a technology specialist by title here as Microsoft. As you can watch/listen to in this interview, Frank has earned his stripes working on HPC systems and clusters. I’m sure Frank will use this spot to engage the many Linux cluster enthusiasts, bloggers, and the grid computing crowd.

I’m looking forward to meet Frank at Supercomputing 2006 in a few weeks, and meeting the Linux cluster enthusiasts, bloggers and grid computing crowd that will descend upon Tampa. It’s interesting to see the many segments of the show, from hulking petascale systems and unassuming, teraflop desktop clusters, to cool visualization applications and superfast networking. By the time Wednesday evening rolls around I’ll be ready for a little puck action between the Canadiens and Lightning.