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Join the Windows Server Tech Community

Launched at Ignite in September 2016, the Microsoft Tech Community grew to more than 50,000 members in its first six months, and that growth continues to accelerate. In this six-minute video, Anna Chu of the Microsoft Community team gives “a lightning tour” of the Microsoft Tech Community’s bells and whistles.

We have nearly 8,000 members in the Windows Server Tech Community, and the quantity and quality of the interactions have been amazing to watch. Online communities have come a long way since the days of forums. There has never been a richer, more dynamic way for all of us with an interest in Windows Server to engage with each other, sharing ideas and best practices.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the lively discussions going on right now:


In addition to your peers and a solid lineup of MVPs, you’ll find experts from Microsoft getting neck-deep in these discussions. Our program managers, product managers, and other experts are participating more and more because it’s a great way for them to learn first-hand what you like, want, and expect from Windows Server. And our keynote speakers from major events are hanging out in the community for the same reason — the exchange of ideas is invaluable in all directions.

Speaking of events, joining the Windows Server Tech Community is the best way to get your hands-on content from major Microsoft events like Ignite, and to learn about local events and user groups as well.

We invite you to join the Windows Server Tech Community and participate in the conversation.