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Helping keep you safer. Everyday ease, all day peace of mind.

It feels like almost everything today requires a complex password, a nine-digit code via text, your high school mascot, and your cousin’s friend’s mom’s maiden name. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, so why does securing our data online and ensuring our digital privacy feel so complicated? Sure, you can take your laptop anywhere, as long as you remember the 37 sticky notes that may or may not have your current password. When it comes to protecting your data, your files, and your family, you need powerful tools that aren’t just effective, but easy to use as well.

Read on for how Microsoft can help keep you safer.

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Your privacy and security are important to you

They’re also important to us at Microsoft. That’s why we’ve created comprehensive security measures across our products and services to help keep you, your stuff, and your family safer. These features are meant to be easy to use and fit your lifestyle. They’re not one-size-fits-all, so you can tailor them to your unique preferences and needs.

Stay safer throughout your day with these easy to use features

Illustration of a computer with a smile on the screen

Quickly log in with a smile using Windows Hello

Not having a password on your device makes it possible for someone to access your information in the event of loss or theft. But who wants to type in a password each time you turn on your Windows 10 device? Now you can just smile and let Windows Hello be a more personal, more secure way to get instant access using your face. So throw away that sticky note on your computer that has your password on it; your smile is a better password.

Backing up computer files and synching to the cloud

Feel confident knowing your files are protected with OneDrive cloud storage 

The loss of a device can be tough, whether you leave it somewhere by accident, or if it gets stolen and hacked on purpose. The cloud can help ensure that all your files, photos, and information are still available to you. But not all clouds are created equal . . . or secure. Learn how OneDrive safeguards your data and then get started protecting your files today.

Storing more sensitive files, like a digital copy of your passport, birth certificate, or health insurance card? Try the Personal Vault in OneDrive for an extra layer of security.

Since everything syncs to the cloud, you can access all of your files in OneDrive, from any device, when you sign in. Just check the box(es) you want to sync for an easier backup.

Illustration of child’s hand reaching toward computer on a table

Help your kids grow and stay safer online with Kids Mode

Kids love to explore, and today much of that exploration happens online. But monitoring their activity can be a round-the-clock job, which makes it hard for any busy parent. That’s where the new Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge comes in.

Kids Mode gives them the freedom to explore and have fun without risk of seeing something they shouldn’t. Select the relevant age range from 5 to 8 or 9 to 12, and their time online will be fun-filled—and age-appropriate. Just tap to help protect kids.

Microsoft Edge can help protect adults online too with dark web scanning. Find out how Edge Password Monitor scours the dark web for leaked info and alerts you if any of your passwords are found hanging out someplace they shouldn’t be. This gives you a chance to change your credentials instantly and to lock out any would-be data thieves.

From family photos to family members, from your important work files to your hilarious horde of memes, your online life is worth protecting. Our powerful, easy-to-use tools are for everyone, and make security and privacy a snap. So upgrade from that pile of sticky notes, and forget your best friend’s first pet’s name, Windows 10 has what you need to stay safer.

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