Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

Welcome to the interactive Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. We created this site as a complement to our annual report to enable you to dig into the data in more detail.

Some key highlighted takeaways may differ from the written report as we add new data monthly. Come back and visit often to check in on the latest security trends.

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Phishing email detection

Even while technology is getting better at detecting phishing, it continues to be a threat due to the human nature of it. Attackers will continue to use and advance their social engineering techniques because of the success they’ve had with them. We see attackers using domain name spoofing – to impersonate emails to look like they’re coming from known brands or colleagues, and catchy subject lines as successful methods to get users to click open emails. Very targeted spear phishing has proven to be a successful approach, especially in business email compromise scams.

The graph on the right shows the percentage of phishing emails detected out of the total volume of emails analyzed by Microsoft worldwide for the timeframe selected.

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