Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

Welcome to the interactive Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. We created this site as a complement to our annual report to enable you to dig into the data in more detail.

Some key highlighted takeaways may differ from the written report as we add new data monthly. Come back and visit often to check in on the latest security trends.

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Ransomware encounter rates

Ransomware still makes headlines, however, we encounter it at much lower volumes compared to other malware, and tactics such as cryptocurrency mining. Ransomware attacks happen when bad actors encrypt and threaten to delete a user’s or organization’s valuable information unless they pay a ransom.

Ransomware has been on the decline in recent times since victims have not been paying the ransoms and companies have been able to retrieve locked up files from their backups. Still, it continues to be a threat in some regions, primarily due to a lack of security hygiene, with occasional spikes in encounter rates.

The graph and map on the right show the monthly average percentage of machines that encountered ransomware for the timeframe and country/countries selected. Toggle between Worldwide and Country Comparison for a detailed view of the countries you’ve selected.

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