2.0 Platform with PixelSense

Microsoft Surface 1.0

Applications for Microsoft PixelSense

Seen here are examples of customer applications created by several of our experienced development partners. Continue to check back and watch our blog to learn about new applications created for the Samsung SUR40 using the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK.


Featured at Atlantis hotels, Photos enable guests to view their photos, modify them,, and send them to friends by email or download them directly to their Facebook accounts. AFTER-MOUSE.COM has developed more than 55 business and game applications across all industries.
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AFTER-MOUSE: Paint’Touch

Available at the Aéroports de Paris (ADP), Paint’Touch enables up to four children to draw, color, and erase their drawings as many times as they want, and to play educational games. AFTER-MOUSE.COM has developed more than 55 business and game applications across all industries.
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Aspect Software Inc.: The Voyages of Columbus

This multitouch, multiuser application is composed of four different applications, including a factual exploration game, fun facts and images of the historical figures Columbus encountered, constellation tracing, and journal entries from the ship captain. Users wrote messages from the captain’s desk and emailed them to friends.

Brown University: Garibaldi

This application incorporates large-format multitouch and object recognition, it allows people to explore artworks that are too large and unwieldy for physical interaction. This version focused on the Garibaldi Panorama, a scroll painted on both sides, which was featured as part of the “Growing Knowledge: The Evolution of Research” exhibition at the British Library in London in 2011.
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Customer Solutions Group LLC: Digital Folio

Consumers can find the best product at the best price by organizing their shopping experiences. Not only can retailers motivate and influence buying decisions, they can make information accessible at home, on a mobile phone, or in the store.

Ergonomidesign and Connecta: Sonicspree

Sonicspree integrates traditional games with real dice into a multitouch, multiuser experience. With object recognition, users roll the dice to start a matching game in which songs need to be paired with their album covers using the Spotify music service, with more than 10 million songs to choose from.
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IntuiLab: IntuiFace Presentation

Create high impact, rich media multitouch presentations for Windows touchscreen devices - from tablets and kiosks to the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense. Use your own images, videos, documents, Flash movies, etc. without any programming required.

LieberLieber Software: GmbH POI Explorer

This interactive Bing map allows users to find and present points of interest in an intuitive and visually attractive way. The application integrates multitouch, object recognition, QR Code, and Microsoft Tag features.

nsquared: Seven new Surface applications!

Thoughts allows users to create anything from concept drawings to new project plans. Documents makes it easy to use and present Microsoft Office documents on SUR40. Make Words engages young learners in a spelling board game. Snap is a memory game with cards. Herding enhances pattern matching and number skills when players collect numbers and types of objects faster than other players. Circuits allows users to create simple and complex circuits. Chemistry provides a competitive learning experience for the periodic table.

Razorfish: DaVinci

DaVinci blurs the line between the physical and the virtual world by combining object recognition, real-world physics simulation and gestural interface design. Objects sketched with your finger will come to life and take on physical properties, allowing you to interact with your drawings as well as let your drawings interact with each other. The DaVinci experience can easily be extended to teach Newton's laws of motion, gravity, friction, orbital motion and other physical concepts in a classroom setting.

Sevensteps: The Real Estate Agent

This user-friendly application is an engaging, multiuser experience for real estate agents and their customers. It allows users to browse available inventory and displays features and local information quickly, and will be launching in the Netherlands and France.

Touchtech AB: Tourist Guide

This automated recommendation system for open-minded tourists offers a unique city experience by suggesting activities, sites they can visit, and restaurants based on their personal preferences and situations. Featuring a 360-degree user interface, object recognition, and horizontal and vertical positioning, the Touchtech Tourist Guide has been installed by Göteborg & Co.
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T-Systems Multimedia Solutions: Red Bull Interactive

Consumers will be able to interact with Red Bull products and multimedia content at the same time. With object recognition, guests place their cans of Red Bull on directly on the SUR40 display, which will trigger Red Bull event videos and current news to be presented on screen.

Vectorform LLC: Galactic Alliance

This high definition four-player cooperative tower defense game sets players against alien invaders. Using multitouch finger orientation, players compete for cash by strategic tower placement and work as a team to succeed against the alien incursion.

Infusion: Royal Bank of Canada applications

Meet Our Experts tells the story of local branch staff. The Big Picture allows customers to explore Royal Bank of Canada services. Drop a Coin displays the value of regular investing by inviting users to slide coins across the screen. Instant Win allows customers to drop a direct mail letter on the screen to see if they won a prize. Kids Corner offers a fun, interactive puzzle for children to explore while their parents do their banking.
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