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See all you can achieve with the Surface lineup of laptops and 2-in-1 PCs. Unlock your potential with thoughtfully-designed, powerful devices made to help you do more.
Woman in bed smiles at her Surface Pro 9 in Sapphire

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Woman in outdoor restaurant holding Surface laptop and backpack

Laptop features for college students

Balance studies, extracurriculars, and social life with the ideal Surface laptop.
Man painting on easel in artist loft with Surface laptop

How to choose the best Surface laptop for college based on your major

Find the best student laptop to excel in your specific major.

Two women use a Surface laptop at home

How to choose the right processor for your Surface device

Find the perfect balance between versatile portability and ultrafast processing speeds.

Two girls using a Surface Laptop

The best Surface laptop for engineering students

Find a powerful device with exceptional graphics and processing to meet the demands of your engineering coursework.

A person using a Microsoft Surface Laptop

Surface laptop features for nursing students

Buy a laptop with stellar graphics and enough RAM to dig into digital textbooks, presentations, videos, and more.

Woman using a Surface laptop outside

Best Surface laptop features for architecture students

Find out what features you should look for in laptops for architecture students.

Computer science student codes using a Surface laptop

The best Surface laptop features for computer science students

Ace your computer science classes with laptop features built for programming.

A man sitting at a table with a Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Arc Mouse

The best Surface laptop for cybersecurity students

Find out about the best laptops for cybersecurity students from Microsoft Surface.

Two people using Microsoft Surface laptops and drawing

The best Surface 2-in-1 features for medical students

Learn about the most essential features for a medical student laptop.

A woman using Surface Pro 9

Surface Pro 9 is the powerhouse 2-in-1 to do it all

Ultra-portable and ultrapowerful, Surface Pro 9 takes work, play, and creativity to the next level, no matter where you go.

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