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July 09, 2024

How to leverage AI in virtual meetings

Virtual meetings just got a whole lot better thanks to AI enhancements. AI-powered features in Copilot+ PCs and Microsoft Teams can help online meetings become more efficient, focused, and engaging. See how AI-powered meeting tools in and Microsoft Teams can make the time you spend together online even better.

Windows Studio Effects on Copilot+ PCs

Copilot+ PCs come equipped with optional Windows Studio Effects including Eye Contact, Automatic Framing, Background Effects, Voice Focus, and more. Here’s what each AI-powered meeting tool can do for you:

  • Eye Contact. Whether in standard or teleprompter mode, this AI tool offers eye contact correction when you’re while looking down or away from the camera.
  • Automatic Framing. This tool crops and zooms to keep the person in the camera’s field of view well-framed.
  • Background Effects. Choose from Standard or Portrait Blur to create a gaussian or bokeh-style blur effect.
  • Voice Focus. This microphone effect filters out background noise, helping your voice come through more clearly.
  • Creative filters. Add some fun to your virtual meeting with filters including watercolor and animated.
  • Portrait light. Use this tool to improve the quality of light on the person in the video if their lighting isn’t all it could be.

With Windows Studio Effects, no matter where you are or what environment you’re recording from, these AI meeting tools in Copilot+ PCs can help you be seen, heard, and understood.

A man using a Surface laptop

AI-powered virtual meetings in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a virtual meeting go-to, but now it can do more than ever thanks to AI enhancements. Here are some of the AI-powered meeting tools in Teams:

  • Intelligent Recap. Don’t worry about jotting down meeting notes while you’re on Teams. Intelligent Recap is an AI-powered meeting tool that can generate transcripts, suggest chapters, and provide meeting summaries.¹
  • Copilot in Teams. Yes, Copilot is now built right into Teams. It can provide information and insights from meeting chats and transcripts as well as help revise your messages with AI.
  • Microsoft IntelliFrame. The Microsoft IntelliFrame tool can help improve hybrid meetings using Microsoft Teams Rooms. Instead of losing track of which person is speaking in the in-person room, this AI tool helps attendees focus on the right speaker at the right time.

These AI-powered meeting tools can help you save time and do more of what matters.

Copilot+ PCs for your virtual meeting needs

Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition and Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition are designed to unlock a new AI era. With Windows Studio Effects, you can have an optimal virtual meeting experience every time. Compare Surface devices and take charge of your next remote meeting so you can look and sound your best.

[1] AI-generated meeting notes may only be available in Microsoft Teams Premium.

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