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Elevate hybrid meetings with Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms. Learn More

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Bridge the gap between people working remotely and those in the office with a team meeting room solution that allows everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.
A collage showing people on Teams calls and different rooms with Teams meetings in process

Connect people across the hybrid workplace


Foster inclusive and interactive team meetings for everyone, regardless of where they are.

Easy to use for all

Deliver consistent Teams experiences designed to make collaboration easy and hassle-free. 


Turn any shared space into a Teams Room with a wide selection of devices and features to fit every need.

Secured and managed

Keep devices protected and up to date with rich management capabilities and powerful analytics.

Deliver better hybrid meeting experiences

Learn about the features that provide meeting experiences designed to make everyone feel included.



  • Three people in a conference room looking at a mounted display with nine people in a meeting gallery and an integrated device underneath the monitor.

    Inclusive and interactive meetings

    Make sure everyone is seen and heard and can fully participate from anywhere.

    Three people in a conference room looking at a mounted display with nine people in a meeting gallery and an integrated device underneath the monitor.

    High-quality audio and video

    Advanced, intelligent audio and video experiences help everyone feel as if they’re in the same space.

    Video container

    Inclusive video layouts

    Foster a deeper connection between in-person and virtual participants through inclusive video layouts, like front row, that allow you to maximize screen real estate and see both people, content, and chat simultaneously.

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    Wireless content sharing

    Easily share content in a meeting from a personal device with no cables or wires required.

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    Intelligent speakers

    Identify who in the room is speaking and apply their name to the meeting transcript with voice recognition technology from Microsoft.

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    Companion devices

    If you’re in the meeting room, use your personal device to engage in the meeting with features like chat and live reactions.

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    Collaborative whiteboarding

    Cultivate real-time collaboration in every meeting, for every attendee, with a shared digital canvas accessible from any device.

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    Intelligent content capture

    Use a content camera and AI processing to enhance and digitally share physical objects, such as whiteboards and books, so they appear clear and vibrant.

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  • Two workers setting up a Teams video call in a meeting room.

    Easy to use for all

    Make the most of your time with consistent, friction-free meeting experiences.

    Teams console showcasing the Teams app screen.

    Intuitive Teams experiences

    Enjoy a predictable, familiar experience with the Teams app on devices.

    Teams console on a conference room table with hand using touchscreen to join a meeting.

    Microsoft calendar integrations

    Easily reserve a Teams Room in Outlook and Teams, and from a Teams panel.

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    One-touch join

    Instantly join meetings and engage the audio and video equipment with one touch.

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    Proximity join

    Use a personal device to detect nearby Teams Rooms and join the meeting from the room. Audio from the personal device is muted automatically to avoid feedback.

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    Cortana voice assistance

    Start and end meetings with your voice instead of touch by asking Cortana to perform simple meeting commands.

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    Room remote

    Conveniently control Teams Rooms devices using the room remote capability in the Teams mobile app.

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  • Two people in a meeting room setting up a Teams video call on a tabletop device.


    Teams Rooms can support the needs of any meeting type and space through a wide array of certified devices.

    Two males in small conference room with a Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android touch display. Large integrated device and wall mounted display showing screenshare and one Surface laptop in view.

    Scale to any room size

    Teams Rooms meet the needs of various configurations through multiple screens and a broad portfolio of certified devices.

    One male pointing to a wall-mounted display featuring whiteboard functionality with a Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android collaboration bar wall on top of the display.

    Multiple types of devices

    Teams Rooms are available across different device types including modularized kits, compact and integrated devices, and complete all-in-one solutions.

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    Surface Hub

    Surface Hub is a mobile, all-in-one Teams Room experience that delivers advanced collaboration and cocreation capabilities with access to Microsoft 365 files.

    Microsoft Windows logo side-by-side with Android logo.

    Supports Windows and Android

    Teams Rooms’ core functionality is available on both Windows and Android operating systems.

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    Connect other Teams devices

    Enable new capabilities by connecting Teams Rooms devices, like Coordinated Meetings with Surface Hub, and finding nearby rooms with Teams panels.

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    Join meetings from other meeting providers from within a Teams Room using Direct Guest Join.

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  • Two people in a meeting room on a Teams call using a tabletop device.

    Secured and managed

    Enjoy strong security and operations that help ensure the room is up to date and ready for use.

    A hand reaching to join a Teams call on a tabletop device in a meeting room.

    Devices, software, and services secured by design

    Enable security out of the box with Microsoft-certified Teams devices and automatic updates that keep systems in a secured state by default.

    Meeting data gathered on Teams.

    AI-driven managed services for Teams Rooms

    Delegate operations management to experts to obtain enhanced guidance, insights, and proactive device security configuration and updates.

    A list of a user’s provisioned devices in Teams

    Remotely provision Teams Rooms devices to Teams admin center

    Setup up collaboration spaces by securely provisioning and signing-in new Teams Rooms devices right from the Teams admin center. Currently supported for only Android-based devices.

    A list of a user’s Teams Rooms systems for Windows in Teams

    View and manage your entire inventory

    Manage Teams devices in one place with tools for inventory organization, configuration, software update management, license information, and monitoring.

    A split screen of two people working on a tablet and a laptop

    Secured delegated administration

    Manage Teams devices securely with delegated administration through Teams Device administrator role or administrative units.

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  • A presentation being given in a meeting room with participants both in person and on Teams.

    Coming soon

    Stay up to date on some of the new meeting features and innovations coming soon to Teams Rooms

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    Intelligent cameras

    Deliver equitable meeting experiences with cameras supporting AI-powered active speaker tracking, multiple video streams, and people recognition.

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Bring Microsoft Teams to any meeting space

Help everyone feel closer and more engaged so they can fully collaborate. Remote participants have a presence in the room, while in-room participants retain their identity and stand out in the crowd.
See some examples of how Teams Rooms can work in various spaces.

Deliver an elevated hybrid meeting experience with Signature Teams Rooms. Create an environment where everyone feels included and represented with reimagined furniture layout, hardware, tech, and room configuration.

A focus room with four seats, a whiteboard and a television displaying a Teams call in Together mode.
Ideate and collaborate in spaces that are ideal for three to five people.
A medium sized conference room with nine seats, a whiteboard and two screens displaying a Teams call in Together mode and a presentation.
Share ideas and connect with up to eleven people in the room and many more online.
A large conference room with 15 seats and three screens showing a Teams call in Together mode, a presentation and notes.
Designed to seat 18 or more people, large meeting spaces are great for formal presentations, large team gatherings, and collaboration across work groups.
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Teamwork across all spaces

As people become more mobile, organizations will need to adapt office spaces and technology to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

Learn more about hybrid work

Hybrid work is here. Are you ready?

New experiences for Teams devices

Prepare for hybrid work with Teams

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Teams Rooms documentation

Learn how to plan, deploy, and manage your Teams Rooms.

Teams Rooms on Microsoft Learn

Explore the basics, then learn how to configure, manage, and deploy a Teams Room.

Teams Rooms Demo

Follow this interactive guide to learn how to use a Teams Room.

Meeting room guidance

Consult this guide when visualizing and planning for a Teams Room deployment.

Teams Rooms video tour

Take a tour of Teams Rooms with Jeremy Chapman, Director, Microsoft 365.

Find a Teams Rooms partner

Achieve greater success in deployment and adoption with a partner specializing in Teams Rooms.

Frequently asked questions

  • Teams Rooms run software that is built on top of the powerful Teams platform and designed for use on Teams Rooms devices and shared hybrid meeting scenarios. The Teams Rooms app delivers inclusive and easy to use meeting experiences that consider both the in-room and remote attendee. Teams Rooms Basic and Teams Rooms Pro are device licenses that enable this native app experience.

  • Teams Rooms works with first-party and third-party audio and video devices certified by Microsoft and dedicated to powering the meeting space. Microsoft Teams certification is a badge of quality for select audio and video devices. It tells you that Microsoft and its partners have worked together to optimize these devices for use with Microsoft Teams and that both Microsoft and the device manufacturers stand behind your solution. Check out the list of certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic is included at no charge for rooms equipped with any Microsoft Teams Rooms device. It is limited to 25 rooms per customer.

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro is USD40 room/month.

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro delivers what customers need for productive hybrid meetings and managing room operations at scale — now in one single license. Teams Rooms Pro includes all the core features available in Teams Rooms Basic, plus enhanced in-room meeting experiences like intelligent audio/video, multi-screen support, and a full set of device management capabilities.

    Teams Rooms Pro is the recommended license for Enterprise customers as well as smaller organizations with larger room counts or more advanced needs.

  • Yes, customers can sign up for a free 60-day trial for up to 25 licenses in the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

  • Signature Teams Rooms are designed with next-generation room standards, making collaboration easier and interactions more engaging and inclusive across your meeting spaces. In medium and large spaces, a curved table encircles the AV equipment stack and faces a large, 21:9 aspect ratio display to foster more immersive connections with remote participants. For smaller rooms, a gumdrop or guitar pick-shaped table helps to achieve that same degree of face-to-face engagement. Learn more.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro

Help ensure everyone can fully participate from anywhere. Learn more

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