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March 05, 2024

Ways to participate in awards season

The glitz and glamour of awards season, especially the Academy Awards, is upon us. While you may not be walking the red carpet, you can still experience the thrills and prestige from the comfort of your home. Stream Oscar-nominated movies, host viewing parties, and capture your favorite moments from the show with Windows 11.

Stream Oscar-nominated movies

With awards season in full swing, you'll want to catch up on all the Oscar-nominated movies before the big night. Stream best picture movies and more through various platforms seamlessly with the powerful Windows 11 OS, ensuring you're well-informed when they announce the winners.

Group of people streaming the Academy Awards

Research nominees with Microsoft Copilot

Ever wondered about the journey of your favorite Academy Award nominees? Turn to Copilot in Windows (in preview)¹ to learn more. With a simple query, you can discover the backstory of films, filmmakers, actors, and others vying for the golden statuette.

As your smart browsing assistant, Copilot simplifies your online experience, so you can get the exact information on the nominees you are researching. For example, you can ask:

  • Which films are nominated for Best Picture this year?
  • List all films nominees for Best Director have made.
  • Make a table of all this year’s Oscar-nominated actors in alphabetical order. Include rows for film(s) they’re nominated for, previous nominations, other wins, famous quotes, and best-reviewed film they’ve ever made.

Plan an award show party

Whether in person or online, an award show viewing party can be lots of fun. Prepare your invites, manage RSVPs, and even set up a virtual watch party all from your Windows 11 device. If you need help planning, Copilot can create an agenda and give you a list of fun party activities. You can also ask for dinner recipes, decoration ideas, and more to make your award show party unforgettable. Try the following queries:

  • Can you provide a list of meal and drink ideas for an Academy Award-watching party?
  • Please create an itinerary of games and activities to do for an award show party.
  • Create five unique drinks based on the films nominated for Best Picture this year.

Create award predictions

Why not take your award season engagement up a notch by keeping a spreadsheet of your award predictions? You can use Microsoft Excel to create an organized and detailed tracker of your guesses. As Oscar streaming continues, update your predictions, and see how your insights stack up on the night of the awards.

Capture award show moments

One of the joys of award season is the memories created. Take screenshots of your favorite award-show moments and use them as desktop backgrounds to relive the excitement all year round.

Create your own cinematic scores

As awards season celebrates achievements in film, including music, it's an excellent opportunity to explore creating your own musical masterpieces. Make the next great beat, harmony, or score on Surface Laptop Studio 2. With its intuitive design, studio-quality mics, versatile touchscreen and powerful processors, this can be your perfect tool for music production.

With features that prioritize convenience, ease of use, and accessibility, you're set for an unforgettable season of high-stakes drama and stunning performances with your Surface or other Windows 11 device. Engage with Oscar-nominated movies, keep track of highlights, and maybe even start making your own cinematic creations this awards season.

[1] Rolling out gradually in preview within the latest update to Windows 11 in select global markets. Timing of availability varies by device and market. Learn more.

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