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May 28, 2024

Best tech ideas for dad

Finding the perfect gift for dads with a keen interest in technology can be challenging. Whether it's his birthday, Father's Day, or just to show appreciation, tech gifts are a fantastic way to say, "I care." Learn about the best tech gift ideas for dads and how to set up and personalize their devices.

What are some tech gifts for dad?

A Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition with a detachable


When it comes to selecting a tech gift for dad, consider his hobbies, needs, and the technology he's currently using. Is he a music lover, a work-from-home professional, or perhaps a gadget geek who loves the latest and greatest? Here are some tech gift ideas that are sure to impress.

Headphones with noise cancellation

Ideal for dads who appreciate music or need to focus while working from home, look for headphones that offer superior sound quality, comfortable fit, and effective noise cancellation.

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

A sleek, wireless keyboard and mouse set can significantly enhance his computer setup whether for work or leisure. Consider the new Surface Pro Flex Keyboard, the first-ever Surface keyboard that can be used either attached or detached. Your dad will enjoy up to 41 hours of continuous typing.¹ This keyboard even contains a dedicated Copilot key, so your dad will have easy access to AI when the keyboard is connected to Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition.

Digital stylus

For dads who love digital sketching or note-taking, a premium digital stylus like Surface Slim Pen offers precision and versatility, making it an ideal companion for tablets or touchscreen laptops. Learn more about the Surface Slim Pen.

Smart home devices

Gadgets like smart thermostats, lights, or voice assistants can add convenience and control to his living space, making them thoughtful tech presents for Dad.

Fitness trackers or smartwatches

For the health-conscious dad, these devices can help monitor activity levels, sleep patterns, and even heart rate, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Portable power banks

These are must-haves for dads on the go, ensuring their devices stay charged throughout the day.

High-quality webcam

Upgrade his video call setup with a high-definition webcam, perfect for dads working from home or looking to stay in touch with family. Or you can upgrade your dad’s laptop or 2-in-1 device to Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition or Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition, which come with built-in AI-enhanced HD Surface Studio cameras. Take the cameras to the next level and enhance his camera feed with AI powered Windows Studio effects like Automatic Framing, which keeps lighting looking natural in just about any setting and automatically frames and keeps subjects in focus, even as they move around their space.

Ultra-stylish, ultra-light, and unrivaled in its flexibility, Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition features two cameras: a ultrawide front-facing 1440p Quad HD camera and a rear-facing 10.5 MP Ultra HD rear-facing camera.

Help for dads: setting up and personalizing tech gifts

A tech gift becomes even more special when it's ready to use out of the box. Offering help to set up and personalize his new gadget can make a significant difference in his experience. Here are a couple of ways you can add the personal touch that leads to that “wow” moment.

  • Customize desktop and screensaver: Personalize his computer or tablet with wallpapers of family photos, his favorite car, stadium, or images related to his hobbies. It's a simple gesture that adds a lot of sentimental value.
  • Set up custom widgets and optimize settings: Customize his device with widgets for quick access to frequently used apps and information. Additionally, adjusting the device's settings to suit his preferences can enhance his user experience.

Surface devices and technology accessories for dad

Surface devices and accessories continue to stand out for their sleek design, powerful performance, and seamless integration with Windows. With Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition or Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition, your dad can get the most out of his day with accelerated performance that unlocks a new AI era. Integrated into Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition and Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition, Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that can transform the way the whole family uses Windows and gets things done.

Your dad will love Surface Laptop 7ᵗʰ Edition if he’s looking for an exceptionally powerful, ultrathin laptop; simply put, it’s the fastest, most intelligent Surface Laptop ever.

If your dad prefers a device that’s ultra-flexible, intelligent, and lightning-fast, he’ll love Surface Pro 11ᵗʰ Edition. All wrapped up in an ultra-portable design that can replace your tablet, your laptop, and does more than you could ever imagine.

Choosing the perfect tech gift for dad doesn't have to be difficult. By considering his passions and needs, and selecting and personalization options, you can make his day truly special. Find the perfect tech gift for your dad from Microsoft Surface.

  • [1] Battery life varies significantly based on device configuration, usage, and other factors. See for details.
  • [2] Based on local video playback test. Battery life varies significantly based on usage, network and feature configuration, signal strength, settings, and other factors. See for details.

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