More than a mile beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, CamHD delivers over 100 gigabytes of video data each day to shoreside servers. The scientific community was previously able to retrieve CamHD data through a basic web server, but the volume of data created long download times and required excessive disk space for storage. Original data file containers and video codecs further inhibited time-series scientific investigations.


AI for Earth has partnered with Columbia University and Queens College to support the analysis of data from the Oceans Observatories Initiative (OOI). Paired with Pangeo’s big data analysis and cloud-based solutions from Microsoft Azure, OOICloud gives oceanographers, scientists and educational institutions access to vast datasets which will help improve our understanding and management of the oceans and help address climate change.

How OOICloud uses Azure

Large group of sea stars.

Empowering scientific collaboration with AI and open data

Underwater shot of colourful fish swimming over a reef