Reimagining retail with AI 

Say ‘AI’, and plenty of people conjure up images of robots taking over the world. However, that does a disservice to the many ways the technology can benefit us as a society. AI can help empower businesses and customers through concise transactions and online marketing. Read more

5 ways storytelling can fuel your digital marketing 

Telling stories is one of the strongest ways to build and humanise your brand to better connect and resonate with your customers. Digital marketing, however, can sometimes feel more like a numbers game, putting emphasis on commercial objectives and the analytics behind how content is performing. That’s not to say this isn’t important – it’s Read more

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Microsoft Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships: My Story 

A blog by Tom Light, focusing on apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships at Microsoft and his experience in Microsoft’s Early in Career community. I owe a lot to the Microsoft apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships programme. Driving past the Microsoft sign and into the Reading campus on a Monday morning in September 2017, I felt an overwhelming Read more


5 steps to move to a cloud CRM 

Customers these days have access to more choice, information, and products than ever before. On top of this, they have more devices to access everything on, and more channels to engage businesses on. Because of this, customers don’t have the time or patience for poor experiences. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes in. Read more

How to use AI to innovate and transform customer experiences 

Ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at your friends’ amazing holiday pictures and wishing you were there? Well now you can be there quicker than you think, thanks to easyJet’s latest in-app innovation, the Look&Book. With the world’s first visual travel booking tool, you can book a holiday from a photo. From idea inception Read more

5 ways to use AI to power digital marketing 

Digital marketing and AI are a natural fit. Marketers are leveraging the technology to help steer business decisions, improve customer experiences, and understand their audience. Best of all, they’re saving money and time whilst they do it. What are the main opportunities for you? Read more