10 inclusive behaviours 

In the fourth industrial revolution, we need people with a combination of both digital and soft skills in order to help businesses innovate. In fact, the skills shortage is one of the top emerging risks faced by organisations, according to a recent Gartner report. One way to meet these shortages and grow your talent pool Read more

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4 ways to improve your employee engagement 

An engaged workforce is a productive one. They are also generally happier, less stressed, and are more likely to stay. You’ll read a lot about employee engagement, but what you really should be focussing on is inspiring them. Find out how to inspire your employees. Read more

How do you solve the employee engagement challenge? 

Employee engagement surveys are a very important and valuable way to get information. But with plenty of assumptions and biases from leaders and employees alike, they can’t be the single source. You need real data from your business processes to back up your plans for improving employee engagement. Read more