Azure and EMS solutions for the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

The Cloud Solution Provider program is a licensing model for partners to sell Microsoft Cloud Services. For Azure and EMS, this means you can package your own services alongside our cloud services and manage the customer experience from billing to provisioning and support. We have consolidated a comprehensive set of business and technical IP to help you launch Azure-based solution offers in market. All those scenarios have been tested with partners and are available in CSP today.

Building a Managed Services practice with Azure

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Understanding CSP

Overview of Azure in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

New to CSP? Learn about the Cloud Solution Provider program with this presentation that gives an overview of CSP in Azure, visit our basic CSP resources page to read more about the program, and learn how to get started with Azure Services with an FAQ style document.

Partner success stories

Build your business with Azure

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Infrastructure services

Cloud application development

Data platform and analytics

Build your business with EMS

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Mobility and security

Integrate and automate with CSP

Technical foundation – Azure Resource Manager

The following resources will help you take full advantage of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) when working with your CSP solutions.
What is ARM? Video 1Video 2
ARM blog 
Inside ARM  
Why is ARM important?  
ARM templates on GitHub  
Quick start ARM templates
Azure Service REST APIs  

Managing customer accounts: CREST Commerce APIs

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners can use the CSP Commerce REST API (CREST API) to create customer accounts, manage customer profiles in the Microsoft Commerce Platform, and purchase and manage orders and subscriptions of Microsoft products for their customers.
Intro onboarding video  
MSDN documentation  
MSDN forums 
Code samples 

Create and manage operations on directory data and directory objects: Azure AD Graph APIs

The Azure Active Directory Graph API provides programmatic access to Azure Active Directory through REST API endpoints. Apps can use the Azure AD Graph API to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on directory data and directory objects, such as users, groups, and organizational contacts.
Documentation  Forums  Code samples

Azure rate and usage APIs

The Azure Billing APIs provide access to resource consumption and metadata information for Azure subscriptions, providing the ability to better predict and manage Azure costs.
Sample code 
Usage API resource definition  
Usage API scenarios  
Rate card API resource definition  
Rate card API scenarios 
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Readiness and learning resources

Learn more about Azure through our Azure Partners Readiness Catalog and get deep technical insights into CSP via our Azure CSP Virtual Training Series.