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Digital Safety at Microsoft

Microsoft works to preserve digital safety while respecting human rights like privacy, freedom of speech, and security.
Safe online spaces help people create, connect, and share knowledge.

Microsoft is committed to keeping people safe online

Digital safety is a whole-of-society responsibility, so we work with industry partners, civil society, and others to tackle the challenge of keeping users safe. At Microsoft, we approach digital safety through investment and activity in pillars: platform architecture, content moderation, building culture, and collaboration.

How do we keep people safe?

We take a multi-pronged approach to fostering digital safety. We have rules and policies to keep people safe online, and then flag, and remove user content or take action against user conduct that breaks our policies. We also need you to tell us if you have concerns about something you saw or experienced on a Microsoft service.

  • Microsoft has a Service Agreement that includes a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct tells you what you can and can’t do when using a Microsoft service.
  • Your Microsoft account is what you create to access Microsoft services like Xbox and Teams.
  • Our guidelines give more details about rules and how we follow them.
  • Different Microsoft services have additional policies and community standards (or rules) that you can find here.

If you’ve seen something that you believe is a violation of our policies, tell us about your concern. 

Report a concern


Microsoft content and conduct policies explain what is not allowed on our services.

Moderation & enforcement

We use automated technology and trained human reviewers to find and take action.

Transparency reports

Microsoft regularly publishes transparency reports to provide visibility into actions we have taken.