The Freshwater Trust (TFT) works to protect water systems that can spread across hundreds of thousands of acres. Identifying parcels of land that can impact conservation at the scale of a watershed, basin, or estuary landscape can be challenging. Precision agricultural tools are aimed at a single landowner who wants to maximize efficient farming for a particular parcel. Large-scale watershed modeling tools use data across an entire region for high-level policy makers. Neither scale is the right solution for figuring out how to fix a basin that is in trouble.


BasinScout Platform (BSP) combines TFT's conservation knowledge with Upstream Tech's satellite data and machine learning capabilities to develop an approach that includes both field-scale and watershed-scale data to make recommendations, while also letting land managers set criteria for priority outcomes. The BSP user can specify their program goals – whether the goal is reducing groundwater demand, improving irrigation, reducing nutrient runoff, or building vegetation buffers. The result is both a region-wide and field-specific plan that identifies specific actions, ranked in order of cost-efficiency for achieving conservation goals.

How BasinScout Platform uses Azure

Researcher looks through a device next to the river

Protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems

Re-vegetation project on the bank of a river