Powerful tools in a flexible platform

Project AirSim makes autonomy achievable through flexibility, integration, and extensible building blocks to create solutions at any scale.

High-fidelity simulation

Procedurally built virtual 3D GIS based environments reduce the sim-to-real gap

Data at any scale

Capture massive amounts of experience data to train your autonomous AI models



Pre-trained AI models

Speed up development with customizable, pre-trained AI building blocks

Full-lifecycle platform

Get to market faster with an open ecosystem to develop, train, validate, and deploy


Customer stories

Airtonomy Bell
We create autonomous routines for frontline workers – people who don't use drones on a regular basis but need them to act like any other tool in their service vehicle. Project AirSim is transforming how robotics and AI can be used in an applied fashion.

—Joshua Riedy, CEO, Airtonomy

Aerial autonomy use cases

Learn how aerial autonomy solutions address growing opportunities in industry, urban growth, and modern human movement. 

Infrastructure Inspection Last-mile Delivery Urban Air Mobility


Build aerial autonomy

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