Operating to drive global change

Since 2012, our operations are carbon neutral, thanks to an internal carbon tax that funds reductions, clean energy and offset projects. We are on track to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030.

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A Microsoft sign in front of a building on the Microsoft corporate campus

Reducing carbon by 75 percent

Microsoft is slashing emissions as aligned to the Paris Accord goals.

A photo of the Microsoft corporate campus near Puget Sound

Going carbon-free in Puget Sound

We have already begun our plans to operate most of our headquarters with carbon-free energy.

Carbon principles

Our facilities

We have cut energy use by more than 20 percent at to reduce carbon emissions from our corporate campus in Washington state.

Our power

We are one of the biggest green buyers of energy in the US and have purchased more than 21 billion kilowatt-hours of green power globally.

Our suppliers

We are working with suppliers to encourage them to report—and then reduce—their emissions.

Our technology

We are using the cloud and AI to further reduce our own emissions and help customers track, assess, and reduce their carbon footprint.


Putting a price on carbon

We reinvest funds collected by our internal carbon fee in a number of sustainability initiatives including:

Clean power

Energy consumption is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint. Thanks to the carbon fund, we've neutralized these emissions by purchasing clean power equal to our global electricity consumption.

Carbon offset projects

We invest to offset in carbon emissions related to air travel. These investments align with UN SDGs and support projects worldwide that increase access to education, clean energy, and healthcare.

Energy efficiency projects

Our internal efficiency grants support projects that have avoided 56,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. We're now focused on catalyzing energy and technology innovation within Microsoft and beyond.

Track and report

We believe in transparency, and that means tracking and reporting emissions and energy across 1,200 facilities in 110 countries.

Global impact

Empowering people and organizations

Transitioning to clean energy

Microsoft believes buying more clean energy helps us operate more sustainably and makes good business sense. Already, renewable energy covers 60% of our datacenter load, and we've set a target of 70% by 2023 on a path to 100%.

Transforming the future of water

Water is a necessity for every person on this planet, but for many around the world, it's getting harder to get clean, fresh water. Thus, we are taking action at every level to use less water.

Our approach to water stewardship

Global goals

Our work is focused on creating tools and services to help address the world's water challenges, including scarcity, pollution, and ocean health.

Localized solutions

In Seattle, we partnered with oceanographers at the University of Washington and a local shellfish company to create a cloud-based solution that gives shellfish farmers insight on when to plant oysters.

Continued innovation

The Water Risk Monetizer tool, built on our Azure cloud, is helping companies assess water risk to make better decisions on current and future water needs.

Corporate responsibility

We're using data to help us use less water at our datacenter and develop new air-cooling techniques that use 90 percent less water than conventional chiller solutions.