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Dynamics 365

Using AI to better understand and engage your customers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for some time now. What was once an elusive technology only accessible to those with vast resources and budget is now being democratized and attainable for every organization. With prebuilt AI capabilities embedded in enterprise solutions, organizations can now benefit from AI. Organizations can process and interpret enormous volumes of data at scale in order to derive insights that power more informed business decisions and better customer experiences, all with less time, effort, and cost.

Customer experiences help organizations stand out from the competition, but it’s impossible to deliver great experiences without the right expertise and technology. Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP) solution Dynamics 365 Customer Insights makes AI practical with built-in intelligence to unify customer data from all sources, proactively recommend segments, and generate predictive insights that drive optimized customer experiences and processes.

Data ingestion and unification

With deep expertise and research in AI, Microsoft is able to deliver a self-service CDP solution with built-in intelligence that reduces the time and manual effort required by business analysts to create unified customer profiles.

  • When using the prebuilt connector to connect to the Common Data Service, Customer Insights intelligently recognizes the attribute names and types.
  • During the mapping process, Customer Insights automatically recommends the attribute types based on intelligent inspection of the data.

Intelligent insights

  • Based on the analysis of unified customer profiles, Customer Insights makes AI-driven recommendations when building segments.
  • Customer Insights predicts customer attributes, analyzing the customer data to identify and make predictions for any missing attributes. For example, using customer records for those who own an electric vehicle, Customer Insights can make a prediction for customers when the electric vehicle ownership isn’t known.
  • With Customer Insight’s quick-start machine learning templates, organizations can unlock the value of their data by quickly and accurately predicting customer behavior.
  • With Customer Insight’s quick-start machine learning templates, organizations can unlock the value of their data by quickly and accurately predicting customer behavior.
    • Churn analysis: Predict at-risk customers to target them with win-back campaigns.
    • Customer lifetime value (CLTV): Predict high-value customers and retain them with tailored experiences that drive loyalty.
    • Product recommendations: Anticipate the products and services that resonate with each customer in order to maximize purchases and frequency.
  • Customize the AI or bring your own with Azure Machine Learning (AML). Train a customized model, schedule models to run on a regular basis, and integrate the output as an attribute of a customer record.

Customer Insights goes beyond surfacing insights, helping organizations seamlessly activate and surface those insights directly within the business applications and systems of engagement they use every day. Employees across all lines of business, from marketing to sales to service, are empowered to take immediate action and deliver intelligent, proactive engagement at every touchpoint. Out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Power Platform, including Power BI and Power Apps, makes it easy to distribute insights to front line employees through customizable dashboards or custom applications to fit unique business or industry needs.

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