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Deliver smarter, connected retail experiences with Dynamics 365 Commerce

Today we’re announcing the official release of Dynamics 365 Commerce, an evolution of Dynamics 365 Retail that is generally available today across the globe. Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers a complete omnichannel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, and call center experiences, as well as introduces new e-commerce functionality to support seamless customer shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables all facets of intelligent retail:

  • Digital commerce: Built-in web authoring and development tools enable you to create engaging and intelligent e-commerce storefronts.
  • Modern store: Mobile point of sale (POS), cross-channel inventory tracking, simplified omnichannel service, and personalized engagements with customers.
  • Empowering employees: User friendly dashboards, digitized in-store tasks and collaboration, and training tools to support adoption and onboarding.
  • Engaging customers: Clienteling and loyalty programs and upselling through personalized AI driven recommendations enable consistent engagement across channels.
  • Streamline Operations: Advanced merchandising, inventory, supply chain, pricing, and promotions management, financials and robust analytics tools to gain a single source of truth for your business.
  • Global operations, compliance, and scalability: Built on Azure global infrastructure, flexible deployment options infused with intelligence deliver a secure, compliant, and scalable commerce solution.
  • Unified data and intelligent insights: Infused with AI and machine learning to enhance customer engagement and business outcomes including integration to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.
  • Future growth: Utilize strong application programming interface (API) driven headless commerce engine, and native integration of Microsoft Power Platform, allowing for commerce in any channel with rich extensibility to customize the solution to meet evolving business.
  • Proven solution: Built on technology that has been used by thousands of business customers throughout the years including Microsoft storefronts, Dynamics 365 Commerce helps deliver best-in-class buying experiences for customers around the globe.

With retail moving beyond a transactional model, customers are looking for retail experiences that meet or exceed their growing expectations. Retailers are tasked with better understanding customer needs and preferences in order to create personalized and friction-free shopping experiences. This is only possible by removing the barriers between traditionally isolated channels, like e-commerce and physical stores, to gain a comprehensive view of the customer and provide a unique and differentiated experience.

Deliver personalized, appealing web experiences with content-driven commerce strategies

Dynamics 365 Commerce with a customizable class-fit shirt.

Dynamics 365 Commerce brings together traditional and emerging channels to deliver a unified experience for modern shoppers. Retailers can create engaging digital storefronts through built-in web authoring and easy-to-use development tools in e-commerce. With ingrained intelligence, retailers are also able to customize the user experience using intelligent recommendations driven by customer preference and buying history across online and physical stores. Retailers can also utilize supported ratings and reviews to increase conversations and accelerate customer decision making.

E-commerce for Dynamics 365 Commerce also provides a single view of content, assets, promotions, inventory, and pricing to simplify and streamline management across channels. Delivering seamless shopping experiences becomes easy when customers can choose from a range of fulfilment options. Dynamics 365 Commerce comes prebuilt with intelligent distributed order management to ensure goods get to their final destination quickly and efficiently, whether delivered to a customer’s address or purchased online and picked up in store.

Empower your employees to better serve customers and build brand loyalty

Dynamics 365 Commerce displaying the overview page with a customer’s recent activities.

With the growth of e-commerce, physical retail storefronts must also evolve to reflect increasing personalization of shopping and enhance customer experiences to build brand affinity. Dynamics 365 Commerce connects customer interactions across all channels to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer. With advanced clienteling natively integrated to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, store agents can gain deeper insights into shopper preferences and behavior to deliver personalized recommendations, quickly see customer lifetime value, and understand the next best action to maximize basket size and reduce customer churn.

Dynamics 365 Commerce also delivers endless aisle shopping experiences. Customers are no longer limited to store stock on hand; instead agents can quickly and easily offer products from across the company to be delivered to the customer’s home or the nearest store. When the customer has made their purchase decision, agents can utilize the mobile point of sales app to deliver seamless checkout experiences.

Store managers can also utilize new intelligent solutions to streamline store operations. Using task manager to assign and track jobs is easy within the modern point of sales application. Analytics and reports are also at the staff’s fingertips with in-app support for Power BI and insights from across all channels.

Streamline operations through ingrained and pervasive intelligence

Dynamics 365 displaying statistics around the online store’s performance.

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables optimized back-office operations to drive supply chain efficiencies and improve business profitability. It provides a flexible system to improve inventory and merchandising management across all sales channels. Utilize automated master data management processes and real time syncs to gain a single source of truth for your business. With native integration into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Finance, and Microsoft Power Platform retailers can get an end-to-end solution that supports business needs from intelligent warehousing to advanced financial solutions.

In addition, Dynamics 365 Commerce is built to be scalable and address the needs of businesses across the globe. Choose from a range of flexible deployment options whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Dynamics 365 Commerce brings cohesive security management and comprehensive compliance coverage to ensure your business is proactively safeguarded.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce brings together a holistic set of tools to personalize customer engagement, increase employee productivity, optimize operations, and deliver better business outcomes. Explore the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Commerce and contact us to request a demo.