Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – August 2019 release notes

The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights team is happy to announce new updates made available in the last month!

New features

  • Performance improved for Power BI connector
  • Segment as an entity
  • Progress indicator

Performance improved for the Power BI connector

After making some adjustments, the performance for our Power BI connector has been significantly improved. Now, loading larger datasets that used to take several minutes can be done in less than 60 seconds, so you can do less waiting and more analyzing!

Segment as an entity

Until now, only measures were saved as entities, but from now on your segments will also be saved as entities, unlocking for you a series of important usages.

What new capabilities will I gain through this feature?

Among other benefits, now you can:

  • Apply a machine learning model on a segment: Using the Export destination screen, now you can also choose a segment as the entity you wish to apply your ML model on.
  • Use a segment as an entity in Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

What will happen to my existing segments?

Segment as an entity will not change anything in the existing behavior with regard to segment definition, segment editing, segment activation, and so on. In addition, all of your existing segments will be stored now as entities that you can use in various new ways (some are mentioned above). As a result, you can also expect to see your segments in the Entities screen.

Progress indicator

The new progress indicator provides a quick way to navigate back to the prerequisite steps to build a unified customer profile and configure activities.

screenshot of the progress indicator dialog box